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La Grange Cottage, Franschhoek 


The four-bedroom getaway cottage is located on a private farm in the picturesque Franschhoek Valley. The brief Called for a contemporary interpretation of the historic Settler cottages found in the Cape winelands area. The site is set between a river and orchard, with the ground floor living and dining areas designed to open up to the elements, offering views through the house towards a river on one side and orchards on the other. A large open-plan loft space with glazed gable windows has been created as an art studio, offering natural light and uninterrupted views across the Franschhoek Valley. A pallet of warm materials such as local river stone, reeds, wood, and cement screed have been used as internal finishes, and a combination of rough white plastered walls, black corrugated iron and steel have been used externally. Photographs by Kritzinger Architects and Perfect Hideaways.


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